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For Land Combination Requests:

For Land Division and Division/Combination Requests:

Land/Lot Division and Combination Instructions

All Land Division/Combination applications must comply with the Charter Township of Brownstown Land Division Ordinance #290 and the State of Michigan Land Division Act, P.A. 288 of 1967, as amended.

The application shall be submitted to the Supervisors Office and accompanied by all required documents including surveys and legal descriptions (see Checklist). Any application submitted without all required documents included will be held until such is received.

Include With Application

The application must include proof of ownership or must include a brief letter signed by the owner giving the Township permission to divide or combine the property. See Instruction Forms for additional requirements.

Land Division Requirements

(may not include all requirements)

The frontage and lot area must not be less than the zoning ordinance requirements. The resulting parcels must be accessible. All combinations and divisions must comply with provisions of the land division act.

Notification of Approval or Disapproval

In receipt of a completed application and supporting documents, the Township Supervisor will notify the applicant of approval or disapproval within 45 days.


Please complete the forms on the right in your browser, print, sign and send to the following address:

Brownstown Supervisor's Office

c/o Angie Pimpedly

21313 Telegraph Road

Brownstown, MI 48183