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 Supervisor Linko
Andy Linko, Supervisor

Township Supervisor

The supervisor's position in Brownstown is similar in nature to that of a city mayor with one major difference: In addition to being the chief executive officer of the community, he also has a vote in Board of Trustees actions.

This unique role means that the supervisor not only enforces policy, but also helps set that policy.

Filling that role today is Supervisor Andy Linko.

Supervisor Linko is responsible for numerous duties in the operation of the township's government and services.

Among his many duties are:

  • ANNUAL BUDGET: He formulates information from each department director on established revenues, budget request and program statements prior to presenting the budget to the board for approval.
  • ASSESSING OFFICER: His office is responsible for preparing the annual assessment roll covering all of the taxable real and personal property. His office also reviews the feasibility of lot splits and combination requests to verify that they are in compliance with the requirements of the Subdivision Control Act, assuring that land-locked parcels are not created.
  • CHIEF LEGISLATOR: He chairs the township board meeting and is an ex officio member of all township committees.
  • PERSONNEL DIRECTOR: His office is responsible for all personnel matters.
  • PUBLIC WORKS: His office is responsible for directing all public improvements.
  • PURCHASING AGENT: He is the chief purchasing agent of the township and is responsible for all contracts covering contracted services and materials. He is responsible for directing all sales of personal property belonging to the township.
  • SPECIAL ASSESSMENT DISTRICTS: His office prepares all special assessment rolls on districts established for property improvements.
  • ORDINANCE ENFORCER: His office is responsible for enforcing all local township ordinances.
  • OTHER ACTIVITIES: Finally, he and his office are responsible for being involved in the business community as well as the residential community when it comes to growth, planning and services.

While the township supervisor is the person in the forefront in dealing with township issues and the operation of the township's government and services, he also is assisted by a deputy supervisor, who is appointed to that position rather than elected.

The man who has held that position in Brownstown since 1992 is Deputy Supervisor Greg Mahar.