Board of Review

Of all the boards and commissions in town, this is often the most important and most unusual. It meets three times a year like clockwork.

The Board of Review is responsible for reviewing and deciding the fate of challenges filed by residents against the township's level of assessment regarding their property. This evaluation in turn dictates the size of a homeowner's annual property tax bill.

The members of the board, from business owners to laborers, hear out the property owners and then determine if their property has been properly assessed. Not surprisingly, residents who want to challenge their property assessment must come prepared. They need to argue their case with factual information, i.e., home sales data, past tax data and even current comparative tax information about similar property.

Since the board meets so infrequently, residents must make an appointment to present their challenge in person. To do this, please call the Assessing office at 675-5929.

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