Live Traps & Feral Cat Policy

Charter Township of Brownstown Stray/Feral Cat Policy

The Charter Township of Brownstown will not trap or accept feral or stray cats that cat not be handled. If a cat is brought in by a resident of Brownstown, the resident must provide a valid driver’s license with a Brownstown address. They must be able to handle the cat. It is then at the discretion of the Animal Control Officer to accept such animal. If an animal is turned away, it should be recommended to be neutered or spayed, and released near where it was trapped. 

Charter Township of Brownstown Animal Control Trap Policy

The Charter Township of Brownstown is not responsible for trapping non-dangerous animals. 

Animal Control and All Residents Must follow all trapping rules that have been set forth by the Township and the MICHIGAN DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES. 

Animal Control can only trap animals that may be a danger to people such as animals showing signs of disease, stray dogs, or other vicious animals. 

Animal Control sets traps on Mondays.  All traps must be returned by Friday.  No trapping is allowed on weekends and holidays.

Residents with their own private trap should first contact the Michigan Department of Natural Resources before trapping any animal.  The Michigan DNR may require a permit.   Only safe, humane, live traps may be used within the Township.  No leg traps, snares, or conibear traps are allowed.  Failure to follow ANY trapping rules and laws may result in animal cruelty charges and a report will be made to the Michigan DNR.  Animals are not to remain in a trap for over 24 hours.  Failure to remove an animal within 24 hours from a trap, will result in animal cruelty charges and a report made to the Michigan DNR.  

  • Pricing – checks must be received before the placement of traps
  • Residents are responsible for the daily setting and monitoring of the trap.  Residents must contact Animal Control if an animal is in the trap.  
  • Traps may not leave the Township
  • Residents will be required to replace any trap that is lost or damaged while in their care.  

Residents with their own personal trap must follow all trapping rules and laws.  Traps are required to have the resident’s name, address, and phone number on it.  The resident is responsible for all relocation or disposal of trapped animals per state guidelines.


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