Frequent Questions

I want to operate a small business out of my home. Will I have to pay Personal Property Taxes?

I have a business in my home but I have not made a sale or profit yet. Do I have to file a Personal Property Statement or Small Business Exemption Form 5076?

I use a desk, chair, computer, printer and a telephone in one room of my home for my business, all of which is also used by my family for personal use. Do I have to report these items on the Personal Property Statement?

Will operating a business out of my home affect my Homeowner's Principal Residence Exemption?

I've started a new business in Brownstown. Where do I obtain a Personal Property Form?

It's only May, I'm a tenant in Brownstown and I've closed my business. What taxes am I responsible for this year with the township?

When will I receive tax bills for my Personal Property?

I purchased a property by Land Contract. Is this considered a transfer of ownership?

If a property is sold by Land Contract, when does the transfer of ownership occur?

Is a conveyance of property to a trust a transfer of ownership?

What is the beneficiary of a trust?

What is a trustee of a trust?

Is a conveyance of an ownership interest of property held as a tenancy in common a transfer of ownership?

Is a transfer of property from one spouse to the other spouse a transfer of ownership?

Is a transfer of property from a deceased spouse to a surviving spouse a transfer of ownership?

Why is a transfer of ownership important with regard to property taxes?

What is a Homeowner's Principal Residence Exemption?

What year's taxes are affected by the Homeowner's Principal Residence Exemption?

What are the criteria for claiming the Principal Residence Exemption?

I moved into a newly built home after June 1. Can I claim a Principal Residence Exemption this year?

I own two homes in Michigan. For which home do I claim the exemption?

I am renting my house to a tenant. Can the tenant claim a Principal Residence Exemption?

I own the lot adjoining and contiguous to my home. It has a different property identification number than the parcel on which my principal residence is located. May I also claim an exemption on this property?

My home is in a licensed trailer park. Consequently, my garage and shed are taxable. May I claim this exemption for the garage and shed?

I live in a nursing home but still maintain a home. May I claim an exemption on the home I own?

Will I receive the Homeowner' Principal Residence Exemption if I do not enter the last 4 digits of my social security number?

What is a Homeowner's Principal Residence Exemption Rescission?

Is a lender required to file a Rescind on a property it has foreclosed on?

When are my taxes due?

When are the Assessment Notices sent out each year?

When are the Property Transfer and Homeowner's Principal Residence Exemption Affidavits to be filed with the Assessor's Office?

What is the deadline for filing Personal Property Statements with the township?

When does the Board of Review Meet?

I wish to split or combine my land. Where do I start?

If I split my land and retain ownership of all parcels will the value uncap?

I just received my Assessment Notice, how do I appeal my taxes?

Who and how are members of the Board of Review chosen?

When does the Board of Review Meet?

What are the responsibilities of the Board of Review?

What should I bring with me to support my appeal?

Can I appoint a representative to appeal on my behalf?

How much time do I have to plead my case at the Board of Review?

Can the Board of Review lower my assessment based on the Sale Price of my property?

Is the March Board of Review the only time during the year that I can appeal my Assessed and Taxable Value at Brownstown?

What if I'm not satisfied with the Board of Review's decision?

Is the Board of Review's decisions permanent?

How will I know the Board's Decision?

Can I appeal the Board's Decision?

Where does the authority come from to levy taxes?

If my assessment declines shouldn't my taxes decline?

I just purchased a new construction. How will the assessor determine my Assessed and Taxable Values?

I just purchased an existing home. How will this affect my Taxes?

Is the recent Sale Price of my property used to determine my taxes?

My True Cash Value (Market Value) and consequently my State Equalized Value has declined so why did my taxes go up?

What is the "Headlee Amendment" and "Proposal A" and how do they affect my taxes?

Does Brownstown Township offer Property Tax Relief for poverty stricken citizens?

Does the township keep copies of deeds?

Does the township keep copies of surveys?

Does the Assessing Office keep Condominium Master Deeds and By-Laws available for review?

Is there a fee for copies of records in the assessing office?

How do I qualify for a Disabled Veterans Exemption?

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