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When a resident is trying to track down an answer to questions about Brownstown from finding out where to vote to getting minutes from the last board meeting the place to start is the clerk's office and Clerk Maureen Brinker.


Perhaps the most important function of the clerk's office, of course, is to run local, state and national elections and now school district elections within the township's boundaries.

And with over 20,000 registered voters, that would be quite a tall order but the story doesn't end there: The department not only keeps track of registered voters for its own purposes but also must keep records for the Gibraltar, Woodhaven/Brownstown and Taylor school districts.

In addition, the department must recruit poll workers for each election and prepare each election ballot.

Also, absentee voter applications have to be mailed and, of course, those votes have to be tallied on Election day after everything else is done.

Multiply this effort by the number of elections run in a given year local, state, national, school district, special and you get an idea of how much work is involved.

Still, the role of the office doesn't begin and end with elections. If you want to have a garage sale in Brownstown, you head to the clerk's office to get a permit. If you want a stop sign on your street, call the clerk to get petition information..

The department serves as an information base for area residents. The administrative arm of the department prepares legal notices, Board of Trustees agendas, keeps meeting minutes as well as all board resolutions, and codifies all local ordinances.

Finally, the accounting arm oversees all purchase orders, processes invoices, completes disbursements, prepares financial records for the audit, handles the payroll and yearly financial statements for all community employees, and processes all municipal and employee insurances.

The Clerk is assisted in duties by the Deputy Clerk.

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