In April 1993, the Charter Township of Brownstown adopted Ordinance No. 280 which created the Brownstown DDA and established the Brownstown DDA District boundaries (see DDA District Map).  The Brownstown DDA was afforded all the powers and duties as set forth in the Downtown Development Authority Act, Act 197 of the Public Acts of Michigan of 1975, as amended.  In May 1993 the Charter Township of Brownstown adopted Ordinance No. 281, an ordinance to adopt and approve a Development Plan and Tax Increment Financing Plan pertaining to the Brownstown DDA District.

Also in 2004 and 2010, the Charter Township of Brownstown adopted the Development and Tax Increment Financing Plan Amendments for the Brownstown Town Center and Recreation Campus, respectively. 

2013 Plan Amendment

The purpose of this Development Plan and Tax Increment Financing Plan – 2013 Amendment is to extend the life of the 1993 Plan to 2033, to amend the proposed development projects in the 1993 Plan, and to incorporate adopted Brownstown Town Center and Recreation Campus Amendments.  The Charter Township of Brownstown adopted Ordinance No. 281-3 in April 2013 (see 2013 Plan Amendment).  The 2013 Amendment continues to enhance the quality of life for businesses, property owners, and residents of the Township through improving the economic viability and regeneration of the Brownstown DDA District.


The vision of Brownstown DDA will be a progressive area with vibrant, connected, and pleasing environments with a diverse and vital economy that services its residents, businesses, and visitors.


 The DDA will diligently continue and improve sustainable development, natural (green and blue) landscape, and its financial commitment to better shape Brownstown’s future…that we call home.

The Brownstown DDA development areas will be maintained, enhanced, and expanded for current and new business owners through its business support programs.  There will be additional people-orientated open spaces, recreation facilities, pedestrian pathways, and streetscapes that will be routinely maintained where the community will feel safe and secure.  The DDA will explore opportunities for unique and exciting developments occurring at targeted sites/districts that will be designed similar to the architectural style/materials and green technology features of the Township Recreation Campus’ facilities and site amenities.

There will be focused initiatives of economically significant promotions, social activities, and events to actively engage the community.  These initiatives will be achieved by a strong partnership with businesses, community organizations, and property owners with the use of effective marketing and social media.

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