Water Wise


This page contains tips and articles about being Water Wise!

Tips if your water bill is higher than normalIn the summer months, people tend to use more water both inside their homes for drinking, bathing, and outside for watering. The main causes for increased usage are:

  • Irrigation systems running
  • Watering gardens and flowers
  • Plumbing leaks

Irrigation systems, depending on the size of your lawn and run time, can use thousands of gallons per cycle. Some new systems incorporate a rain gauge and will water for even longer in dryer weather. Make sure to adjust your watering cycle to fit your budget and remember to skip watering during times of rain.


You may not be able to hear a leak alone. You can check for leaks in your toilets by doing the following:

  • Remove the top lid of your toilet tank.\
  • Place a dye tablet or about 10 drops of food coloring in the water of the tank and replace the lid. Do not flush the toilet.
  • Wait 10-15 minutes.
  • If you see the dye in the bowl area of the toilet, you have a leak.
An average toilet leak can use up to 200 gallons of water in a day which adds up to 6000 gallons in one month.


A leaking faucet dripping once per second can waste 250 gallons a month per faucet. Make sure faucets are turned off when not in use and that they do not leak.

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