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Township residents can enjoy all the wonders of nature in any one of a dozen different ways.

Starting with the southern end of the township, Brownstown is home to two different wildlife areas: Pointe Mouillee State Game Area and Lake Erie Metropark.

In addition, Brownstown's Detroit River-Lake Erie shoreline is part of the southeastern Michigan International Wildlife Refuge.

In these two parks, visitors can get up-close-and-personal with some of Michigan's most well-known bird-watching areas and view some of the few American Bald Eagle nesting sites in the Midwest. Also, visitors can participate in an annual bird count and take hikes on various nature trails.

Finally, the Metropark features a wave pool, picnic areas, and a golf course.

Throughout the township, residents can also take advantage of nine different community parks with most including typical park amenities, such as picnic shelters and playground equipment.

The focal point for much of the township's recreational activity, however, is in the Thorn Park Community Center complex, located next to Township Hall on Telegraph Road.

The township offers discount tickets to many area amusement parks and attractions and has a full complement of youth programs and special events.

Throughout the year, there are events for the entire family even the family dog for a total of more than 100 programs offered throughout the year.

Contact the Recreation Department by phone at (734) 675-0920 for more information.

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