As one of the most rural of Downriver communities, it's little surprise that it would boast one of the finest selections of community parks in the region.In fact, Brownstown features thirteen different parks throughout its 23.6 square miles:

  • Thorn Park
  • Fort-Gib Park
  • Dawnshire Park
  • Capital Park
  • Woodland Heights Park
  • Fairway Villa Park
  • Chatham Park
  • Plumwoode Park
  • Hunter Park
  • Labo Island Park
  • Culpepper Park
  • Sleepy Hollow Park
  • Arsenal Road Park
But the story of the parks doesn't begin and end with their location. The real story is how local officials have made the parks a priority in improving the community's quality of life.

A project undertaken last year fulfilled the dream of community ball players: a 19- acre parcel of land was leased to Brownstown to develop playing fields on Arsenal Road.

Prior to the agreement, the Little League relied on the Gibraltar and Woodhaven school districts and the local United Auto Workers Union to provide them with playing fields.

Now, however, the new park will not only provide ball diamonds, but will also see double duty in the off-season as a public park.

Under the new arrangement, Little League officials will be responsible for park maintenance during baseball season, and the local government will take over the rest of the year.

Contact the Recreation Department by phone at (734) 675-0920 for more information.

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