Yard Waste Program Overview

Brownstown uses Waste Management of Michigan, (866) 797-9018.

Michigan law prohibits the depositing of yard waste in landfills. This means yard waste must be separated from regular household trash at the curb and taken to a yard waste recycling site.

Yard Waste
Grass Clippings, leaves, shrubs without root balls.

Yard Waste Does Not Include
Dirt, sod, trash, food items, pumpkins, apples, garden foods, straw, corn stalks, root balls, logs, wood, rocks, stumps, wood chips, and landscape timbers.  

Yard waste is collected from the first full week in April through the first full week in December. Please do not place yard waste out before or after these dates, it cannot be collected.  

Yard Waste Collection Dates
2022: April 4 through December 9
2023: April 3 through December 8
2024: April 1 through December 6
2025: April 7 through December 5
2026: April 6 through December 11

To view your yard waste collection day, visit our map of the collection schedule.

Time of Set Out
Place yard waste at the curb before 6:00 a.m. on your normal collection day and no earlier than 4:00 p.m. the night before your collection day.

Container Placement
Place yard waste at least 3 feet from your rubbish or on opposite sides of the driveway. Grass clippings, leaves, etc. should be placed at the curb in 20 to 32-gallon cans clearly marked “YARD WASTE”. Cans over 32 gallons are not accepted. Free self-adhesive yard waste stickers can be obtained from the Township Hall OR Place yard waste in designated paper yard waste bags available at local retail stores. Do not use paper grocery bags or boxes. Please do not mix rubbish with yard waste rubbish in paper bags.   50 lbs. maximum per bag/can

Brush & Branches
Cannot be greater than 4 inches in diameter. Cannot exceed 4 feet in length. Must be tied and bundled no larger than  18 inches round in diameter. Bundles and branches/stumps cannot weigh more than 50 pounds.

Disposal of Christmas Tree
Christmas Trees are collected with solid waste from the last week of December through February. Please call ahead to schedule the collection of the Christmas Tree, 866-797-9018.  Trees 6 foot or taller must be cut in half.

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