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This is the department most residents think of when they consider the landscape of their community and for good reason.

The Department of Public Works (DPW) strives to ensure that residents have safe roads, clean ditches and a well-maintained water and sewer system, to name just a few of the many services provided.

The primary function of the DPW is to provide safe drinking water and an efficient sewer system for the rapidly growing Township. Along with that goes the continuous task of reading meters, sending bills and collecting the fees for these services.

A full-time labor force and support equipment is required for the maintenance of the ever-expanding water and sewer system. Tasks include cleaning and maintenance of the sanitary and storm sewers, detention basins, repairing water main breaks when they occur, and the annual flushing of water mains and draining fire hydrants to assure that they are ready in case of an emergency.

Other services provided by the department include issuing permits for new water service, installation and expansions, maintaining up-to-date maps and service line records, maintenance of the Township Hall.

Finally, in cooperation with Wayne County, the DPW clears the roads of snow and treats the icy roads, provides dust control, and maintains miles of ditches and storm sewers.

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